Grimm Forest Music and Sound is the studio of composer Alex Nye offering custom music and sound design for movies and games.

The name Grimm Forest comes from the studio's location in Germany's Black Forest, an inspiration for many of the Grimm brothers' fairytales. Compositions by Alex have been included in projects from these major studios in movies like Sam Raimi produced Poltergeist and the Amazon Series "Hand Of God".

Instrumental Tracks

Here is a collection of original compositions and songs made at Grimm Forest Music. Below is button to watch a short preview of several tracks with slightly higher sound quality and some visuals.


Before I fell in love with composing and producing, I was songwriter...still am. The songs here are done as an artistic expression without any particular commercial objective. If you are interested in licensing a song or want me to work on a song for your project I'm happy to hear from you. I hope you enjoy them!


Happy to hear from you if you have any questions, interested in working together, or just want to say hi.

Email: alex@grimmforestmusic.com

Discord: galexnye#2212

Twitter: @galexnye